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About Us

Decent Cargo Movers is one of Indias foremost end to end Transport and Logistics Companies, performing diligently with an expertise evolved over last two decades. The philosophy driving our efforts is a commitment to fulfill the logistics requirements of our customers, which differentiates us in an emphatic manner. 


Thus inspired, we are contributing towards the logistics success of more than 1000 companies across the country, including leading private and public sector entities. These businesses span across verticals such as iron and steel, minerals and ores, petroleum and chemicals, FMCG and retail, engineering and construction, agri-products and so on. Our customers include the largest businesses as well as SMEs, underlining the diverse nature of Decent Cargo capabilities.

In this endeavor, we are enabled by a pan India branch network of 178 locations across major industrial towns and port cities, managed by a team of over 3000 employees